Argentina launches 350MW ‘mini’ tender for small-scale projects

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Argentina’s energy ministry has announced a new renewables tender to contract 350MW of small-scale wind and solar projects and 50MW of other renewables technologies to be connected to the grid through low voltage lines ranging from 13kV to 66kV.

The tender process is expected to start in October and end in May 2019, with the signing of the PPAs for projects with a maximum capacity of 10MW and minimum of 0.5MW. Aside the smaller capacities being tendered, all other conditions such as 20-year, dollar-denominated PPAs and incentive programmes through the FODER fund will be the same, the government said.

Known as MiniRen, the government’s sub secretary of renewables Sebastián Kind, said the tender will be the third round of the country’s RenovAr renewable energy programme.

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