10 March , 2023

GWEC India and UK Government produce new white paper to support the continued development of wind power in the country

GWEC India and the UK Government are delighted to present an offshore wind statement to support the continued development of wind power in India.

It is being launched as part of the 2nd UK-India Offshore Summit in Chennai.

Report highlights

Seizing the offshore wind opportunity

Currently, India is an offshore wind market “under creation”. The central and state governments are working with a range of offshore wind (OSW) stakeholders for creating an ecosystem for a thriving and world-class offshore wind industry. Tapping the OSW potential and underlying socio-economic, environmental and climate benefits require a multi-pronged approach in key areas, including:

  • Attractiveness
  • Co-operation
  • Competitiveness
  • Utility
  • Resilient Supply Chain
  • Effectiveness through capacity building and institutional interventions
India has enormous offshore wind capacity potential

Key advice

The report outlines a number of key recommendations for developing the market in India. The report explains: “Building on its decades of experience in onshore wind, offshore oil & gas exploration, and a robust onshore wind manufacturing industry, India stands in a unique position to become home to a world-class offshore wind industry.”

The recommendations include advice on tender design, offtake plans, and social-community engagement among others.

To read all the recommendations in detail, download the full report.

Download 'An Ocean of Potential: Recommendations for Offshore Wind Development in India'

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