Political Framework

When increasing the share of wind and renewable energy in a market, design of the policy framework is one of the most essential topics. In general, the purpose of such a framework is to create transparency and signal firm commitment to wind energy over a long period of time. A solid policy framework will help to attract domestic and foreign investments and ensure steady rates of returns on projects. 

The policy framework has to include a clear link to actual policies and execution plans, otherwise there is the danger of creating a mismatch or distance between ambition and actual market reality. GWEC very clearly affirms that there is no blueprint solution for a successful policy framework. Local market conditions, including the current energy mix and available energy resources (e. g. wind conditions and resources), must be accounted for in the design. In addition, the current and future status of grid infrastructure, macroeconomic conditions and the country’s risk profile are also relevant factors.


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Karin Ohlenforst

Director of Marketing Intelligence

Jon Lezamiz

Chair of Africa Task Force 
African Market Development Director, Siemens Gamesa