‘Act on Facts’ campaign shows that wind power is a good business for Spain


The wind energy industry has launched the third video of the campaign Act On Facts, where the myth that wind energy is not a good business for Spain is dismantled. This campaign was created with the purpose of dismantling, through empirically proven data, false myths that often distort public debate with false information. To watch the video, click here.

The campaign has already been launched successfully in other countries, focusing on the website www.ActOnFacts.org/es in which all information from the videos is supported by data from different reputable sources.

As you can see in this new video, wind energy is a good business for Spain for many reasons: It prevents from buying energy from countries in conflict, because the wind is ours, it is free and it is endless. It positions Spain on the map of countries with advanced technology, because we are the third exporter of wind turbines in the world and the fifth in wind energy patents. It reduces the consumer´s electricity bill: the more the wind blows, the lower the price of electricity. It slows down climate change because it doesn’t pollute and it prevents 22 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, the equivalent to planting two million trees.

In addition, wind energy generates wealth and jobs wherever wind farms and factories are installed and employs 20,000 people. In fact, the wind energy industry has 200 factories in fifteen of the seventeen Spanish regions, which means a strong multiplying effect on the economy. There are 1,072 wind farms in 800 Spanish municipalities, many of them in aged rural areas that have seen their population recover due to the new jobs.

All this data is supported by reports from different sources that are available on www.ActOnFacts.org/es.

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