Wind Power has a Positive Impact on Regional Development

Wind power helps bring jobs and provides direct economic benefits for local communities

Wind power brings with it local jobs and training in construction, O&M, and transport related activities. Examples of the wind industry bringing jobs and boosting local development come from across the world: communities from the state of Tamil Nadu in India to the state of Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany – see the benefits of proactively installing wind farms in their regions. Both of these disparate states saw long-term investment by wind industry suppliers and manufacturers and boast of a thriving wind industry today.

Community Wind

In several key mature markets today local community members own and have a significant financial stake in a wind project, beyond just land lease payments and tax revenue. Community wind projects can be any size, ranging from a single turbine to more than one hundred, yet typically serve local communities or consumers. Today Germany, Denmark and the Unites States have a significant number of community owned commercial scale projects in place. Thus wind power projects, big or small, have a long-term positive impact on regional and local energy independence.