ABEEólica celebrates record levels of wind power in Brazil

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A total of 4.71 GW bought in the course of 2013

In terms of total wind power capacity, 2013 marks a historic year in Brazil. The Brazilian Wind Energy Association, ABEEólica, confirmed the excellent results of the latest (A-5)* auction in December with 2.3 GW of wind projects awarded at average price of R$ 119,93**. This brought up the total from the three auctions held in 2013 up to 4.7 GW, making it so far a record performance for the sector to celebrate in Brazil.

"For us, developers, the wind power source closes the year of 2013 in a successful and competent way, with the overcoming of impactful challenges for the sector, such as changes in domestic content rules (FINAME), the auction methodology, besides the mandatory P90 and the current status of transmission lines. The source demonstrated competence and competitiveness and reinforced its strategic position in the composition of the national electrical grid”, highlights the chief executive of ABEEólica, Elbia Melo.

With the total volume of contracted wind energy in 2013, the wind source will contribute to the generation of more than 70 thousand jobs, R$ 21,2 billion in investments, 8.5 million household supplied and 4 million tons of CO2 avoided. "These numbers reinforce that, besides the importance of power to the national electrical grid, wind power impacts, positively, Brazilian society as a whole," evaluates Elbia.

The first positive sign of the wind industry occurred in August 2013, with the hiring of 1.5 GW in the Reserve Energy Auction - LER 2013, at an average price of R$ 110,51***. On the following week, after the auction, the industry received the news of the wind power inclusion in the A-5 auction, which represented a sign of "reversed expectations", turning the year into a very favorable scenario for wind energy.

The second auction, which  had  the participation of the wind power source, was the  A-3**** auction, held on November 18. Although it was not an exclusive auction for wind power, the event hired, exclusively, wind energy to attend the demand, with the hiring of 867.6 MW, at an average price of R$ 124,43*****. "The results of these two auctions, in terms of demand and price, highlight, effectively, the consolidation of power in the national energy matrix and also provided a positive sign for the industry that operates in the country", observes Elbia Melo.

In the last energy auction of the year, the A-5, wind power had 97 hiring projects, the Northeast was the region that sold the most, with 87 projects in total, representing a volume of 2185.8 MW. Especially Bahia, with 1GW and Rio Grande do Norte, with 684.7 MW.

"We finished the year with many reasons to celebrate. The wind energy power began its history in Brazil recently and, shortly, conquered its relevant space in the national energy matrix. In 2014, the country will put more than 4GW into operation. This amount generated will be enough to supply 8.5 million homes and contribute effectively to improve the rates of storage reservoirs and national energy security. "


About ABEEólica

The Brazilian Wind Energy Association - ABEEólica currently represents around 83 members, which represents the entire production chain: from manufacturers of wind power equipment to intermediary service providers, consultants, developers and investors in wind farms, among others. Founded in 2002, over the past years, ABEEolica has played a fundamental to the development of the wind energy industry, as well as recognition of the importance of this clean and renewable source in the composition of the national energy matrix. 10 years ago, wind energy had no representation in energy generation in Brazil. Today, besides the participation of 2% in the electric matrix, it is the second most competitive source in the country, being exceeded only, by the hydroelectric. For more information www.portalabeeolica.org.br/


  • *A-5: energy contracted to be delivered in 5 years
  • **convert R$ 119,93 into US$: US$ 282,00 (approximately) 
  • *** convert R$ 110,51 into US$: US$ 260,00 (approximately)
  • ****A-3: energy contracted to be delivered in 3 years
  • ***** convert R$ 124,43 into US$: US$ 293,00 (approximately)

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