A Forecast Tailored to Your Needs?

The objective of a forecast software is simple: estimating the power production of a wind farm for a given horizon. But a multitude of input data is required and specified for a given park.  You will always have to study each data, each task, each purpose, and each goal in order to successfully tailor a forecast to your needs.

The complexity arises from the multiple types of input data which need to be examined, studied and understood in order to build the forecast system. Weather data is especially complex as it is provided by several suppliers using files with different types and resolutions. 

Today, we mix data from multiple suppliers in order to obtain the most accurate data relative to your time-horizon. Moreover, we use a CFD code dedicated to wind resource assessment to help us downscaling the data.

SCADA data produced by the wind turbine itself is also used, it will provide us a wealth of information which can be processed to extract useful information on production.

At last, real-time data generated by wind turbines and on-site measuring instruments make possible an intraday forecast.

Finally, in order to use all the information gathered in the most efficient way possible and to improve your final production forecast, we aggregate the data into a module of machine learning.

Meteodyn takes into account all these elements to provide the best dedicated forecast solutions, feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

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