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Brazilian Auction Cancellation Is Understandable Yet Still Inadvisable

The cancellation of the highly anticipated Brazilian reserve auction scheduled for December 19th came as a horrible surprise to Brazil’s wind and solar power industries, but given the circumstances, the decision was not shocking. MAKE analysts argue that through this cancellation, the Brazilian government has now introduced a policy uncertainty in what has been a fairly stable market. Read the full commentary free of charge on the website:

New York Sets Highest U.S. Offshore Wind Capacity Goal

On January 10, New York governor Andrew Cuomo publicly announced the 2.4GW capacity goal of his state’s offshore wind plan for 2030. While being a welcome announcement after Trump’s presidential victory, it has no material impact on the timeline of installations, and so MAKE anticipates no change to the offshore forecast at this time based on the governor’s statements. Read the full commentary free of charge on the website:

Vattenfall Continues to Push Ahead with Offshore Wind

Swedish developer Vattenfall announced plans to expand its 300MW Thanet offshore wind farm in the UK in early January 2017, and shortly thereafter acquired the German 584MW Atlantis offshore project from German company PNE Wind. According to MAKE analysts, the moves can prove to be strategic in order to ensure a leading position in renewable energy among the larger European utilities. A short summary of this recent flash note can be found on MAKE’s website:

Recent reports:

Sector Report: Global Offshore Wind Power Market
Annual growth in the global offshore wind market contracted in 2016 after a record 3.4GW of new growth in 2015, with capacity additions of 1.8GW expected for 2016. Long-term growth is expected to stay strong with a CAGR of 20% from 2016 to 2025 driven mainly by Europe and China. MAKE analyses this market in a 90-page report, published at the end of 2016. A short summary of the report can be found on MAKE’s website:

Market Report: Global Wind Turbine Trends
The wind energy market continues to mature as onshore turbines pursue evolutionary technology, while dramatic technology shifts remain focused on offshore turbines. According to MAKE, the next decade will bring further change, but the role of technology has shifted as the industry continues to evolve and work towards LCOE grid parity. A short summary of this 60-page report is available on MAKE’s website:

Market Report: Global Wind Turbine Supply Chain
The global wind turbine supply chain faces substantial challenges, as the scale of the market has increased both in terms of the size of the components being produced and their volume. MAKE forecasts market demand to increase by 82% between 2010 and 2020, while average turbine nameplate ratings are expected to increase by more than 40%. A short summary of this 90-page report is available on MAKE’s website:

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