18 March 2021
10:00-10:45 CET



About the Webinar

On 18 March, GWEC Market Intelligence will release the latest data on wind power markets in Asia Pacific, one of the most exciting growth regions for wind power globally.

The Asia Pacific region installed 30.6 GW of new wind energy capacity in 2019, and initial data has already shown that the region will blow away their previous records for annual wind power installations. China, the world’s largest wind power market, continued to be the leader driving growth in the region and globally in 2020, with initial data from China’s National Energy Agency showing the country grid connected over 71 GW of new capacity in 2020 – more than the entire new wind power capacity installed in 2019!

Other markets such as Taiwan, India, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam are also play an increasingly important role in driving wind power growth in the Asia Pacific, which will be key to achieve the ambitious net zero targets set by some of the largest economies in the region and meet future energy demand as the region’s emerging economies rapidly develop.

Join us for a webinar on 18 March at 10:00-10:45 CET, to hear GWEC Market Intelligence experts from across Asia discuss the region’s continued wind power expansion in 2020, China’s formidable growth, and which other markets are emerging as wind power leaders in the region.


Wind power in Asia Pacific in 2020

Presentation of the market status of wind power in Asia Pacific by Liming Qiao, Head of GWEC Asia

Expert discussion on key trends and markets for wind power in Asia Pacific

Moderated by Stewart Mullin, COO at GWEC

  • Liming Qiao, Head of GWEC Asia
  • Wanliang Liang, China Director, GWEC
  • Yu Hui, General Manager – International Cooperation Department, Chinese Wind Energy Association
  • Martand Shardul, Policy Director, GWEC India
  • Feng Zhao, Head of Market Intelligence and Strategy

Interactive Q&A

Your chance to ask our experts all your burning questions about wind power in the region! 


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