Wind power to supply up to 18% of world’s electricity by 2050

IEA’s New Wind Energy Roadmap launched at China Wind Power in Beijing

Wind power could generate up to 18% of world’s electricity by 2050, compared with 2.6% today, the new report IEA Technology Roadmap: Wind energy – 2013 Edition finds. The nearly 300 gigawatts of current wind power worldwide will increase eight- to ten-fold according to the roadmap’s vision, with the more than USD 78 billion in investment in 2012 progressively reaching USD 150 billion per year.

The report, an update of a document first published in 2009, envisages a much larger penetration of wind power than the 12% share on global electricity generation by 2050 considered in the first roadmap. It sees China overtaking OECD Europe as the leading producer of wind power by 2020 or 2025, with the United States ranked third.. Wind power deployment under this vision would save up to 4.8 gigatonnes of CO2 emissions per year by 2050, with China providing by far the largest reductions. The reduction is equivalent to more than the current European Union annual emissions.

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