Wasted Electricity ‘Cost Wind Power Firms 5 Bln Yuan Last Year’

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Companies were connected to grids but restrictions kept them from generating as much as they could have, report says.

(Beijing) ‚Äì China’s wind power firms lost more than 5 billion yuan last year because restrictions from state-owned companies limited the amount of electricity they could produce, a September 18 report said.

The figure represented half of the sector’s profit, a report by the NGO Greenpeace, the government-affiliated China Association of Resource Comprehensive Utilization (CARCU) and the Global Wind Energy Council said.

This represented a critical barrier for the sector’s development, the report said.

“China needs to overcome the bottleneck in terms of wind power connected to the grid and power generation,” Li Junfeng, director of CARCU’s renewable energy committee, said.