Vestas expands Act on Facts campaign to include Sweden; UK and Ireland will follow in November

“Wind energy projects are being put at risk by an increasingly organized and influential anti-wind movement.  The Act on Facts campaign is designed to counter factually flawed arguments and misinformation and to tip the balance back in wind energy’s favour,” say Morten Albæk, Vestas Group Senior Vice President globally responsible for marketing, communications and public affairs.

Today at the VIND 2013 wind industry conference in Stockholm, Vestas launches the next phase of its innovative global campaign to separate rhetoric from reality and to channel public support toward political action favouring wind energy. 

According to Per Witalisson, CEO, Eolus Vind AB, “We’ve seen projects delayed and even cancelled as a result of public opposition.  It’s one thing if the concerns are well-founded and based on real information.  It’s a completely different matter when scare-mongering is the source of the problems. We’re pleased to support Vestas’ initiative.  It’s long over-due.”

“We know that most people actually want more wind energy in their countries.  Politicians and other decision makers just need to hear that more often.  So, congratulations to Vestas for taking this step.  You’ve done a great job creating an innovative, professional campaign,” says Matilda Afzelius, Development Manager, Nordisk Vindkraft AB.

Initiated in Australia in June and anchored around the web portal, the campaign’s latest phase features:

  • five newly-produced vox pop videos addressing key misconceptions about wind energy;
  • an expanded section featuring well-documented, fact-based information to help answer common questions about wind energy and dispel some of the more common myths and misconceptions; 
  • new functions such as Supporters’ Corner and Community Stories sections; and
  • up-to-date information on pro-wind and pro-climate initiatives in which local citizens can

People in 88 countries have visited the Act on Facts web portal since the pilot program was launched in June.  During the first two months after launch, more than 930,000 people were exposed to the campaign via multiple social media channels.

The Act on Facts Sweden launch event starts today at 10.15, at the Vestas exhibition stand at VIND 2013 wind industry conference.  Vestas Vice President for Sales in Nordic and Baltic Krister Poole

Jönsson will be joined by Vestas Head of Public Affairs Northern Europe Lisa Malmquist Ekstrand, who will elaborate further on the initiative and demonstrate the web portal’s functions; and Annika Helker Lundström, CEO of the Swedish Wind Power Association.

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Lisa Malmquist Ekstrand, Policy Specialist, Head of Public Affairs, Vestas Northern Europe

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