The Big Question – What is the Biggest Challenge Facing Wind Industry?

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GWEC’s Steve Sawyer answers REW’s Big Question: What is the Biggest Challenge Facing the Wind Industry?

In the short term, the biggest challenge facing the wind industry at the moment is the wave of policy uncertainty, which has swept over Europe and the United States over the past couple of years. While there are signs that things are settling down in Europe with the establishment of the new German coalition government, there are some key decisions to be made this year and next that will determine the growth prospects for wind in Europe both onshore and offshore in the near to medium term.

In the United States, the policy rollercoaster that saw record installations in 2012 (as a result of the imminent expiration of the production tax credit), and the dramatic drop in 2013 installations (because of the late reauthorization of the PTC), could be ameliorated, ironically by the new found spirit of cooperation in advance of the 2014 mid-term elections following the disastrous budget fiasco late last year.

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