The 30 most influential people in the wind energy industry

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Windpower Monthly

Wherever you look, there are signs that the wind industry is growing up from being a booming, emerging market to a mature, established industry. And our second annual survey of the top 30 industry leaders is no exception. Look, for example, at newcomers Felix Ferlemann (14th place) and Ignacio Martin (25th) — both have left senior roles in the automotive industry to take the top jobs at major turbine manufacturers (Siemens and Gamesa respectively) in the past year

Several other key executives have also recently made the switch from car to turbine manufacturing, moves that are symbolic on many levels. That wind companies can compete with car firms in attracting top people shows just how far wind has come and, perhaps, nods at the decline in the motoring industry.

The technology of the future versus the technology of the past. At the same time, turbine makers’ desire to attract executives from the automotive industry shows that production has reached an age where turbines are mass-produced for a global market and cost reduction is king.