South Australia’s planning amendment

The state government regulations surrounding wind farm developments in South Australia have undergone some changes in recent years, and its state-wide Wind Farms Development Plan Amendment (DPA) was approved (with amendments) by Planning Minister John Rau in October. The original DPA introduced last year recognised wind farms as an envisaged form of development in some zones of relatively low population densities. It also removed third party appeal rights for wind farms in those zones, and allowed a 1km setback from homes.

The final approved DPA reinstates third party appeal rights for dwellings within 2km of a wind turbine, retains the 1km setback and introduces a 2km setback from towns. It also reduces the number of local government areas where wind farms are explicitly listed as an envisaged form of development (mostly around coastal, conservation and tourist areas).

The Clean Energy Council welcomed the changes, which we said strike the right balance between community concerns and support for the wind industry. For more information on the Statewide Wind Farms DPA click here.