No Adverse Health Effect from Wind Turbines – new Finnish study confirms

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has published a new study with a conclusion that wind turbines do not cause any adverse health effects. The study consisted of a review of nearly 50 scientific research articles conducted in Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand over the past 10 years.

Due to the increased number of wind power projects in Finland, a growing concern has arisen among the public regarding the possible negative impacts wind energy production may have on human health. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland conducted a comprehensive literature review covering nearly 50 scientific research articles. The review concluded that in the light of current scientific research, there is no evidence to show that the infrasound produced by modern wind turbines is anything but harmless.  

The sound of a nearby wind farm is does not possess such qualities or volume that it would cause physical symptoms to humans. The study also concluded that the infra sounds below the auditory threshold does not constitute a health hazard. Additionally, most of the infra sound caused by a wind farm is mixed with other infra sound from the environment and does therefore not cause any additional exposure. According to the research articles reviewed, the low frequency sound with potential hazardous health impacts would have to be of a higher volume than that caused by wind farms, in order to have an impact on our health. Also, concern that shadow flicker may cause epileptic seizures are overruled in the research material. Such seizures cannot be caused by the type of flicker the slow rotation speed of the wind turbine blades produce.

Full report (only in Finnish):

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