MEDIA INVITATION: Release of the India Wind Energy Outlook 2012

Press Conference

28 November 2012, 3:00pm at Wind Power India, Chennai Trade Centre

What are the projections for wind power development in India up to 2030? What are the key drivers, challenges and bottlenecks in the Indian market? What’s the role for offshore wind in India?

The Indian Wind Energy Outlook provides an in-depth analyses of the current status of wind power development in India, assesses the potential for future growth and pinpoints the remaining obstacles which need to be overcome to fully benefit from the rich wind resource in the country. India is the 3rd largest annual wind power market in the world with adding more than 3 GW of new capacity in 2011.



Steve Sawyer, Secretary General, GWEC

GM Pillai, Director General, WISE

Ramesh Kymal, Chairman, IWTMA

Followed by Q&A. 


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