Let’s get the facts right

We have seen an increasing amount of negative media coverage by anti-wind groups during the past year and by far the most cutting attacks have been on noise. While there is no debate about wind turbines creating sound, the rigorous noise standards keep the frequencies at a reasonable level.

This fact is supported by a number of recent studies, the newest ones were published just this month; RenewEconomy reported about findings by the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC) which rejected claims that the frequencies created by wind turbines can have adverse health issues, saying the infrasound generated is often less than a person’s heart-beat.

The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), after a comprehensive literature review of nearly 50 scientific research articles conducted in Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand over the past 10 years, came to the conclusion: In the light of current scientific research, there is no evidence to show that the infrasound produced by modern wind turbines is anything but harmless.  

The global wind industry continues to engage with experts in science, medicine and occupational and environmental health to monitor on-going  research in the area of wind turbines and health and to support responsible engagement with communities and stakeholders to ensure that citizens have factual answers to their questions.

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Happy reading,


Lauha Fried

Communications Director, GWEC