Latest from Japan

Japan sets favourable offshore tariff Japanese government set a new tariff for offshore wind of JPY 36 ($0.35) per kilowatt hour from 1 April. The user premium for onshore wind will remain unchanged at JPY 22/kWh.

Since the committee tasked with calculating procurement costs also lowered the premiums for solar to JPY 32/kWh, from JPY 36/kWh, this latest move is seen as helping create a more level playing field for wind power.

Currently Japan has 49.9 megawatts of offshore capacity, including 4 MW of floating turbines.

Japan to develop grid networks for wind integration

The Japanese New Energy Development Organisation (NEDO) has launched a new project to develop and establish a new system to enable Japan’s grid to manage fluctuations in wind power output. NEDO intends to develop the wind power output prediction system by using weather forecasting. Data will be stored on a large database server and monitored on line. The 5 year project will start in April 2014 and will cost 19 billion JPY.