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GWEC is at the forefront of finding and breaking into wind markets that are viable for business. Brazil, China, Mexico, South Africa and India to name a few are currently hot markets with untold potential for businesses in the wind industry. GWEC’s global network is extensive and companies serious about doing business in emerging markets are welcome to join as members.

Our members help to shape our policy priorities and are a voice in determining which new markets to focus on and participate actively in shaping these. Join the pioneers of wind and establish yourself as a global company today.

Quote_start_startIt’s expensive for emerging companies to enter new markets like China. The risk of failure is high leading to delays and high costs of sales. GWEC introduced us to the key people we needed to know, made the personal contacts on our behalf and laid the groundwork for us to come into the market. Their services were excellent and we are a terrific referenceable member and partner.Quote_end_pur


Ed Warner, Chief Digital Officer, Sentient Science


 Quote_start_startVaisala’s GWEC membership directly supports the growth of our renewable energy measurement and consulting business.  Through innovative programs, industry events, and policy development work at international events such as COP21, we view GWEC as a key partner in the growth of our business, the renewable industry and betterment of our planet.



Kjell Forsen, CEO, Vaisala


Quote_start_startOur GWEC membership helps us to get access to the global wind industry and opens up a world of new business opportunities. It  helps us to promote the message that wind energy is the key to a sustainable future.Quote_end_pur


Thorbjørn N. Rasmussen, CSO, Mita-Teknik


Quote_start_startGWEC single-handedly opened up the Latin American market for wind.Quote_end_pur

Stuart Mullin, Siemens


Quote_start_startOur GWEC membership has helped us to get access to many local players in Mexico.


Joan Aymamí, Vice-President of International Business, AWS Truepower


Quote_start_startGWEC data is the only data that we use for forecasting and budgeting because we know that it is dependable. We then know what to chase in terms of assets to 2020 and that is priceless to us.



Natalie Hils, Director of Revenue Marketing, Sentient Science


Membership Benefits include (click on the image to zoom in):

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* Dependent on programme and relevance of topic. Must not be of commercial nature


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