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  • gwec-in-press - 25 Sep 2014

    WindEnergy Hamburg opened by Vice-Chancellor Gabriel

    Hamburg News

    Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel official inaugurated the leading international trade fair Wind Energy Hamburg on Monday evening, a premiere for Hamburg. “Wind energy has established itself worldwide, both from an economic and from an energy policy perspective,” said the German Vice-Chancellor. “This is a great success, and last but not least, a result of a furious development …

  • news - 24 Sep 2014

    AOSIS Chair Outlines Near-Term Solutions To Climate Change at UN Summit

    Island nations poised to suffer early and greater climate impacts convene renowned experts and scientists to define real-world, near-term solutions at United Nations Climate Summit

    NEW YORK—A new real-world, near-term solution action plan commissioned by the Republic of Nauru, Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) and written by 30 leading climate and energy experts from around …

  • gwec-in-press - 23 Sep 2014

    GWEC chief hails German progress

    Recharge News

    Germany’s  Energiewende — the transition away from nuclear and fossil fuels — is far in advance of anything undertaken by other industrialised nations, says Steve Sawyer.

    The Global Wind Energy Council secretary-general tells Recharge that every country should be playing close attention to the Energiewende “because I hope eventually we will all get to a future which is dominated by …

  • spotlight - 23 Sep 2014

    Sigmar Gabriel praises “amazing development” of the industry at WindEnergy Hamburg

    WindEnergy Hamburg was opened on Monday evening by Sigmar Gabriel, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, and Vice-Chancellor of Germany. This is the premiere for WindEnergy at the Hamburg Fair site. “Wind power has established itself worldwide, both as an economically viable industry and as a major element in energy policy,” said Sigmar Gabriel. “That is a great success …

  • spotlight - 22 Sep 2014

    German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, GWEC CEO Steve Sawyer and President and CEO of Hamburg Messe Bernd Aufderheide at high level press conference of WindEnergy Hamburg

    Steve Sawyer, CEO of GWEC: “We’re rapidly moving towards a sustainable energy future…but ‘Business as usual’ means that we’ll all soon be out of business. Time is the one thing we don’t have.”


    The global wind market continues to power ahead, led by China, and with booming new markets in Brazil, Mexico and South Africa. New markets …

  • spotlight - 21 Sep 2014

    Member discount on Ben Backwell’s new book

    The Recharge News Editor-in-Chief Ben Backwell’s book titled Wind Power-The Struggle for Control of a New Global Industry, with a foreword from Steve Sawyer, was released earlier this autumn.  . We talked to Ben about his new book:

    What inspired you to write this book?

    I wanted to capture some of the excitement of being involved in the …