IL&FS Energy joins Indian first ever offshore wind project for energy

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IL&FS Energy Development Company Limited has joined India’s first ever offshore wind project consortium for developing the country’s strategy for offshore wind energy and proposing a suitable regulatory policy framework.

IL&FS, which is one of India’s leading infrastructure development companies, signed a MoU with the FOWIND consortium, which is being funded by the EU and led by Global Wind Energy Council, global wind energy experts.

Mr Sunil Wadhwa, CEO of IL&FS Energy Development Company Limited, said that “With over 7,500 kilometer of coastline and arguably 500 GW of offshore wind power potential in India, there is a strong case to consider offshore wind as a potential energy source both from the perspective of energy security and climate change. IL&FS Energy is a strategic partner with the European Union supported consortium to systematically evaluate the data.”

Mr Steve Sawyer, Secretary-General of GWEC, said that “Offshore wind energy can make a substantial contribution to powering India‚Äôs rapidly growing economy with clean energy.”

FOWIND will focus on the states of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu for identification of potential zones for offshore wind development through techno-commercial and environmental studies. The objective of this research is to develop a credible and dynamic roadmap for offshore wind development in India and support the formulation of an offshore wind policy.