Global wind energy installations slump to five-year low

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Asia has overtaken Europe and the US by installing more new wind energy capacity in 2013 but the total number of new projects dipped last year, according to a new research report.

Preliminary estimates of newly installed worldwide wind power capacity in 2013 found that 35,572 MW of clean wind power was commissioned, which equates to 318,576 MW of global capacity to date.

According to the study carried out by EurObserv’ER, the Asian market appropriated just over 1 out of every 2 MW of installed capacity across the globe in 2013, giving it a market share of 51.2%

Europe clung on to the number two slot for installations with just over 1 out of every 3 MW installed – a 34.1 percent market share.

This contrasts with North America which took a nosedive because of a slump in installations, leaving it with less than 10 percent (9.3%) of the 2013 global market.

The other regions of the world trailing behind these three major zones mustered a 5.3% market share.

The Asian and European share of global capacity inched closer together, yet Europe still has the upper hand with a 38.3% share as opposed to Asia’s 36.4% share.

North America (including Mexico) has been outpaced in the three-horse race as it now only accounts for 22.3% of global wind power capacity.