Facility to test 7.5 and 15-MW drivetrains

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Windpower Engineering & Development

A $98 million facility capable of accelerated testing of turbine drivetrains of up to 15 MW will soon open its doors on what used to be a U.S. Navy shipyard in North Charleston, S.C. The first test bay, and the first to open will be capable of handling drivetrains up to 7.5 MW. Located on the east coast, the facility expects to become a regional hub for testing wind turbines destined for anywhere in the world.

“The equipment will be the world’s most advanced, accredited-testing facility for the industry accessible by water, road, and rail,” said Jim Tuten, Project Manager, Clemson University. “It will provide real-world testing without a need to go out into the real world. The facility will have no rival in this highly competitive, global-wind industry.”