EU partners with India for offshore wind development

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The Hindu Business Line

The Global Wind Energy Council wants to partner with India for offshore wind development and has identified two states —Gujarat and Tamil Nadu — for special focus.

The Council, a global trade body comprising over 1,500 members from 70 countries, is providing a grant of Euro 4 million from European Union’s Indo-European Cooperation on Renewable Energy Programme.

The Council today announced a 4-year project supported by the grant to “look at the challenges and opportunities presented by offshore wind”, says a press release from the Council.

Globally, although onshore wind is now a mature, competitive and mainstream energy generation source, offshore wind is still in a relatively early stage of development. Most of the 6GW of capacity installed is in the North Sea, Baltic and Irish Seas. The only other substantial market is in China, although there is some movement in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the United States.