Current status – wind energy in Australia

The Clean Energy Council is currently compiling data ahead of the release in June of its Clean Energy Australia report. Some of the wind energy highlights as at the end of 2012 (not including the new Macarthur Wind Farm) are:

  • Australia had a cumulative installed wind capacity of 2,548 megawatts
  • wind supplied approximately 7700 gigawatt hours of electricity in 2012, or roughly 3.4 per cent of Australia‚Äôs electricity needs
  • five new wind farms were commissioned in 2012, adding 358 megawatts of new capacity
  • there are now 1397 turbines across 62 wind farms in Australia
  • Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimated that there was A$935.3 million of new financial investment in Australian wind power in the 2012 calendar year
  • there are 11 projects under construction, expected to add 638 megawatts of capacity in 2013, and approximately 1000 megawatts in the following two years.