Chipping in the global wind energy

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Business Recorder

No doubt, renewable energy in Pakistan is still in its infancy. But, as per a latest Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) report, the countrys total annual installed wind energy capacity almost doubled to 106 megawatt in 2013.

While excluding the regional anomalies (read India and China), the 50 megawatt addition seemingly aligns well with the Asian average addition of 57 megawatt. The report, titled Global Wind 2013, shows that the share of all other Asian countries in the annual wind capacity additions is miniscule in front of the wind energy giants, India and China.

However, it is wiser to face the reality. Pakistans capacity additions fall way behind many developed countries. Also, if the policymakers are serious about wind energy in Pakistan, condoning the Indian and Chinese markets for the sake of comparison makes little sense. After all, these market offer immense insight into how the wind energy operates.