CEC Media Release: AMA statement on wind power should reassure communities

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19 March 2014

A public statement on wind farms and health released by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) this week should provide additional peace of mind for communities living in the vicinity of existing or proposed wind power projects, the Clean Energy Council said today.

Clean Energy Council Policy Director Russell Marsh said the AMA’s position statement came on top of similar recommendations by health and acoustic bodies across the country that there was no evidence to link wind farms and adverse health effects.

“Other groups that have made positive statements on wind farm noise and health recently include the New South Wales and Victorian health departments, the South Australian Environmental Protection Agency and the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants,” said Mr Marsh.

“The National Health and Medical Research Council, the national peak body for health research, also released a draft position statement several weeks ago that stated there was ‘no reliable or consistent evidence that proximity to wind farms or wind farm noise is directly associated with health effects’.

“No credible Australian health or acoustic organisations are opposing wind farms, and people should feel reassured by that.

“Unfortunately we have seen a misinformation campaign on this issue waged by opponents, and communities have sadly been caught in the crossfire,” he said.

Mr Marsh said it had never been more important for wind farm companies to engage in good faith with people living in the vicinity of wind power projects.

“This is why the Clean Energy Council has developed community engagement guidelines for wind farms as well as a community expectations guide – to help raise the bar and promote a consistently high standard across the industry.”

The AMA position statement can be found at: http://ama.com.au/position-statement/wind-farms-and-health-2014