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Se establecen nuevas reglas de mercado para permitir una inversión de USD 6 mil millones en el sector de energías renovables

-Gobierno, industria para discutir las implicaciones de las normas en el seminario en Buenos Aires el 1° de Septiembre.

Buenos Aires, 1° de Septiembre. Las nuevas reglas del mercado que le permitirán a los grandes usuarios satisfacer directamente sus obligaciones de energía renovable a través de contratos de suministro privado podrían llevar a que se inviertan USD 6 mil millones …

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Be the first to know what impact the New Market Rules will have on your business and on the energy landscape in Argentina. With the previous auction favoring large users and DIScos, how will the private PPAs dictate future energy purchasing, particularly for large electricity consumers?

“Projects and investments shall face a new scenario for financing as a result of the new …

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Argentina New Market Rules Webcast – a Summary of the Seminar (English only)

Wednesday, 6 September 2017, 3pm CEST

On 1 September GWEC will meet with policy makers, government officials and investors in Buenos Aires to advance discussions on Argentina’s New Market Rules – a draft of which was released for public consultation on 5 June.

During the one-day seminar on 1 September, speakers and delegates will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and expertise …

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Global Wind Market Report 2016 Webcast (2 May 2017, 3pm CEST)

2 May 2017 – 3pm CEST

15:00 Brussels | 09:00 Washington D.C. | 21:00 Beijing 

GWEC’s flagship publication is the industry’s most widely read and is referred to as the wind industry’s most credible source of data. This 76-page Global Wind Market Report provides a comprehensive snapshot of the global wind industry now present in more than 80 …

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2016年全球新增容量超过54.6GW, 全球累计容量达到486.7GW。新增容量增速同比去年下降14%。中国2016年新增装机容量23328MW,累计装机容量168690MW。




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Webcast on Wind: Doing Business In … Mexico (6 Dec, 4pm CET)

Join Leopoldo Rodriguez, President of AMDEE (Mexican Wind Energy Association), and Steve Sawyer, Secretary General of GWEC (Global Wind Energy Council), for our ‘Doing Business In … Mexico’ webcast on 6 December, 16h CET.

In 2016, the new competitive Mexican wholesale electricity market was successfully launched, including the first two long term auctions for energy, clean energy certificates and capacity, where …

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Doing Business In… South Africa (4 October 2016, 3pm CEST)

South Africa’s wind energy success story continues into 2017 with well over 1 gigawatt (GW) of power now feeding electricity into the country’s grid. More than 3 GW of wind energy has already been allocated through the Government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer’s Programme (REIPPPP) – and more is due to be announced shortly under the next bidding round (expanded …

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Launch of the new Global Wind Energy Outlook 2016

24 October 2016, 3pm CEST

The new Global Wind Energy Outlook 2016 (GWEO) presents three visions of the future of the global wind energy industry out to 2020, 2030 and up to 2050. The scenarios compare the International Energy Agency’s central scenario from its World Energy Outlook with a Moderate and Advanced scenario developed especially for this report, detailing how …

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Doing Business In … Brazil (14 June, 3pm CEST)

Brazil is ranked 10th globally in terms of installed wind capacity. During 2015, it installed 2.75 GW – a record for Brazil – bringing the total to 8.72 GW, which accounts for 6.3% of the Brazilian energy matrix. More than R$ 16 billion have been invested, 41,000 jobs created, more than 5 million homes were supplied with electricity from wind …

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Doing Business in… US (3 May 2016, 3pm CEST)

The U.S. wind industry experienced its third most active year in history in 2015, installing 8,598 MW of new wind power capacity. On the heels of the multi-year extension of the Federal Production Tax Credits, increasing state renewable portfolio standards across the country, and a 66% reduction in the cost of wind since 2009, wind is poised to continue growing …

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