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New rules may trigger $6bn in spending into RE in Argentina

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New market rules to allow large power users in Argentina to directly meet their renewable power obligations through private supply contracts could trigger up to $6bn in investments over the next three years, and lead to the installation of around 4GW in new generation capacity, the country’s energy ministry says.

“Renewable power development today occupies a central place in Argentina’s …

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GWEC’s Dyrholm: Brazil to remain renewables leader

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Despite current uncertainties affecting the Brazilian wind power sector, the industry’s long-term outlook is solid and the country will remain a leading force in the global renewable energy market a decade from now, according to Morten Dyrholm, chair of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

“You are going through a period of turmoil, but Brazil will emerge and continue to …

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Latin America can be a global wind power — given the right set of policies

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Since the end of 2012, Latin American wind has grown fourfold, rising to almost 20GW  today. Total installed capacity may not have surpassed 1GW until 2011, but by 2014, annual additions reached 4GW per year. But growth has been uneven in the region due to different national policies, with 80% of the wind capacity installed in Brazil and Mexico.

The deployment of wind energy in the region …

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India to embark on offshore wind journey

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In 2014, a group of India officials visited the WindEnergy Hamburg industry event in Germany, to get a close-up view of the technology and companies driving Europe’s burgeoning offshore wind sector. 

They were impressed of what they saw recalls Steve Sawyer, head of the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), which helped to organise the fact-finding mission. But they also got …

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Wind Powering Canada to a Low-Carbon Future

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Within the past 11 years, Canada has built more wind-energy capacity than any other form of energy generation.

Globally, wind energy is one of the fastest growing major sources of new electricity around the world, with installations of more than 55,000 MW of clean, reliable wind power in 2016 alone. More than 80 countries have now installed wind-energy facilities. The …

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India’s wind capacity could grow more than expected

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INDIA: Wind power could make up 14% of India’s renewable energy use by 2030 with a quarter of the country’s power needs being met by green sources, according to a new report.

Wind power capacity in the country could be ramped up to 185GW — an eight-fold increase over 15 years from 2015 — analysis by the International Renewable Energy …

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Global Wind Energy Insight: A 2017 Mid-Year Update

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According to the latest Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) figures, clean energy investments during second quarter of 2017 reached US$64.8 billion globally, up 21 percent from the first quarter this year. Of that amount, wind energy accounted for US$26.2 billion in new investments over the second quarter.

Across key individual markets, there are nearly 14 GW of wind capacity under construction, as the …

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WindEconomics: Reports put wind share at 7-30% by 2035-40

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WORLDWIDE: In its New Energy Outlook 2017, published in June, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) suggested $3,300 billion would be spent on investments in wind energy between now and 2040.

Investments in 2016 were estimated at $107 billion, so the annual amount coming in is expected to rise.

BNEF expects investment in wind to grow faster than for solar. By 2040, …

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Kansas joins elite ‘5GW wind club’ as big projects come on line


Kansas has become the fifth US state with more than 5GW of operating wind capacity thanks to the recent completion of several large projects, and the economic benefits that come with wind development continue to multiply, a state official says.

So far this year three major wind farms have crossed the finish line in Kansas, including Infinity Wind Power’s 280MW Western …

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In the US, researchers are working on vast wind turbines taller than the Eiffel Tower


Researchers in the U.S. are designing and looking to develop 50 megawatt (MW) wind turbines with “extreme-scale blades” 200 meters in length. To put things in perspective, if built, they will be taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

The Segmented Ultralight Morphing Rotor (SUMR) project is being led by researchers at the University of Virginia. In 2015 the project …

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