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Webcast on Wind: Construyendo 3000 MW eólicos en Argentina: experiencias, avances y desafíos de una industria en rápido crecimiento

La industria eólica argentina está en plena actividad con más de 45 proyectos activos con una potencia total que superará los 3000 MW instalados en apenas 2 años. Los desafíos son múltiples: financiamiento, logística, desarrollo de proveedores de servicios e integración de componentes nacionales. Aprovechando el potencial del mercado y las capacidades productivas del país, el gobierno argentino implementó un …

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Webcast on Wind: ‘Doing Business In … Brazil’ (21 June 2018, 15h CEST)

Join Elbia Gannoum, CEO of ABEEolica (Brazilian Wind Association), and Steve Sawyer, Secretary General of Global Wind Energy Council, for our ‘Doing Business In … Brazil’ webcast on Thursday 21 June at 15h CEST.

Brazil is ranked 8th globally in terms of installed wind capacity. Over 2 GW of wind energy was added in 2017, across 79 new wind farms. This …

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Doing Business In … Argentina (14 June 2018, 15h CEST)

Financing wind projects – are private banks ready to finance renewables? 

In a country where auctions are churning out unprecedented number of wind power projects and where some macroeconomic instability has caused a sharp depreciation of the peso, where does that leave the financing of the dozens of projects – those in the pipeline and those yet to come? 

To shed more …

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Doing Business In … Argentina (3 May 2018, 15h CEST)

Argentina’s RenovAR programme has paved the way for rapid growth in wind power projects in Argentina. Round 3 is due to take place around September/October of this year, creating even more opportunities for companies to win projects and do business in this exciting new market. Some issues still need to be addressed, however, if we are to see a smooth …

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Global Wind Market Report webcast – 26 April 2018 (15h CEST)

26 April 2018 – 15h CEST

15:00 Brussels | 09:00 Washington D.C. | 21:00 Beijing 

GWEC’s flagship publication is the industry’s most widely read and is referred to as the wind industry’s most credible source of data. This 60-page Global Wind Report will provide a comprehensive snapshot of the global wind industry now present in more than 90 …

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