Australia – CEC Renewable Energy Target work ramps up

One of the key priorities for the CEC over the next 12 months is to ensure that Australia’s 20 per cent Renewable Energy Target (RET) remains effective in driving the roll-out of all forms of renewable energy in Australia over the coming decade at the least cost to consumers.
Australia’s new Federal Government has confirmed that a review of the RET will commence in early 2014, with a particular focus on the level of the target. The clean energy industry is united in its view that much greater 

clarity on the future policy settings of the RET is required. This involves ending the continual cycle of reviews and ensuring the scheme can provide long-term and stable investment-grade policy support for renewable energy.    This year the CEC is putting even more effort into this critical policy with a focus on:

  • policy analysis to ensure we understand any potential changes and their pros/cons
  • heightened level of advocacy right around the country
  • outreach and coordination with clean energy companies and other important stakeholders
  • communication support and media to drive public support for the RET.

For more information please contact Russell Marsh.