Any country can reach high shares of wind, solar power cost-effectively – new IEA study shows

Wind power and solar are crucial to meeting future energy needs while decarbonising the power sector. However, the inherent variability of wind power and solar PV is raising concerns: Can power systems remain reliable and cost-effective while supporting high shares of variable renewable energy? And if so, how? 

A landmark study released today by the International Energy Agency addresses these concerns and confirms that integrating high shares of wind and solar PV in power systems can come at little additional cost.

“In the classical approach, variable renewables are added to an existing system without considering all available options for adapting it as a whole. This approach misses the point. Integration is not simply about adding wind and solar on top of ‘business as usual’. We need to transform the system as a whole to do this cost-effectively.” said IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven.

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