Our Projects

GWEC works on projects to advance the development of wind power around the world. We work closely with our members and partners to deliver a robust outcome. Our ongoing and past projects include:

FOWIND – Facilitating Offshore Wind in India (2013-2018)

A four-year project to develop a roadmap for offshore wind in India

The EU Delegation to India, in close cooperation with the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, has awarded a‚ €4 million grant to a GWEC led consortium under the Indo-European Cooperation on Renewable Energy programme.

The FOWIND project seeks to facilitate India’s transition towards low carbon development by supporting implementation of national policies and programmes for offshore wind.

FOWIND is a four-year project to develop a roadmap for offshore wind development in India, with a focus on the states of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. Its output will be supported by preliminary resource assessments to identify potential areas for offshore development along the coasts of the States of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. Find out more


Joint GWEC and International Renewable Energy Agency Project (2010-2012)

GWEC in partnership with IRENA, conducted a thorough historical assessment of successful policy environments for promoting wind power development based on comparative country-based analyses for twelve representative markets. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of policy and regulatory practices that have led to sustained and robust uptake and development of wind energy.

As a part of this project a three-day multi-stakeholder workshop on wind energy was organized by GWEC in April 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The objective if this workshop was to further develop a common understanding of political, regulatory and economic factors across key wind energy markets, and to engage in a meaningful dialogue with selected IRENA member countries.

The dialogue was established between IRENA member countries with successful wind development along with its member countries with significant potential to deploy wind technology and wind industry representatives. The workshop sessions lead to common elements from successful markets being drawn out, along with a deeper understanding of the frameworks for successful policy and regulatory plans for deployment of wind energy in new markets.

30 Years of Wind Energy Policies – Lessons from 12 Wind Energy Markets provides an insight into the strengths of diverse policy design decisions across 12 of the important existing markets. These markets are Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.


GWEC Latin America Comittee (2009- ongoing)

The aim of GWEC’s Latin America Committee is to use the collective energy of companies and organizations already working in Latin America to work towards establishing renewable energy frameworks in countries in the region, with special focus on Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Argentina. A series of working groups made up of GWEC members focuses on policy, infrastructure and finance issues. GWEC also supports trade missions from Latin American countries to other mature markets under this initiative.

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Legislative Framework for Wind Power in Brazil (2009-2011)

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)

Under the project on ‚Legislative frameworkfor Wind Power in Brazil, funded by the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership, GWEC worked to improve conditions for the deployment of wind power in Brazil through new legislation and improvements in the existing regulatory framework; while taking¬†into consideration the existing wind resources, rapid growth in electricity demand in the country, and the outcomes of the existing regulatory framwork (ProInfa). The goal of the project was to develop a long term and predictable legal framework for wind power in Brazil, seeking to create the conditions for building a wind manufacturing and service industry in the country.In 2011 GWEC published a bilingual Analysis of the Regulatory Framework in Brazil in collaboration with our local partners in Brazil.


Wind Energy: The Facts (2007-2009)

Wind Energy: The Factsis a comprehensive publication and website that aims to provide answers to all possible questions about the life cycle of the wind energy technology including its socio-economic and environmental aspects. It is the most comprehensive manual published on the wind industry, which provides objective information and helps increase public awareness of and support for the sector. It includes data on wind energy technology, grid integration, economics of wind, industry and markets, environmental impacts, and scenarios and targets for wind energy. The European Wind Energy Association was the lead partner on this project.


Wind Power Works (2008-2009)

The Wind Power Works campaign was a one-year international media campaign to challenge existing perceptions of wind energy, and to firmly establish the technology at the forefront of decision makers minds during the UN climate talks. The campaign ran from December 2008 to December 2009, or from the climate meetings in Poznan (Poland) to their climax in Copenhagen (Denmark). It showcased existing wind energy projects around the world, and illustrated that wind power was already doing its work on the ground by efficiently producing clean power from an indigenous source while cutting greenhouse gas emissions, creating jobs and promoting economic development globally.


RESTMAC campaign (2006-2007)

Creating Markets for Renewable Energy Technologies EUTechnology Marketing Campaign (RESTMAC) was a EU funded project. The project was a targeted technology marketing campaign on selected renewable energy technologies in transition economies inside the EU and developing countries outside the EU. Under the RESTMAC project, GWEC organized trade missions to China in October of 2006 and to Mexico in 2007. The European Renewable Energy Council led the project.