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  • 10 Nov 2017 / gwec-in-press

    Wind energy’s vital role in this changing climate

    Climate Change The New Economy

    We are nearing the last quarter of 2017 and this year (like the previous one) has set new records within the growing list of climate impacts globally. Recently our news feeds were packed with the unprecedented intensity of North America’s Atlantic hurricane season. Many Caribbean countries were severely impacted by hurricanes like Irma and they will …

  • 10 Nov 2017 / gwec-in-press

    Boundary Pushers: Electrification of cities

    Windpower Monthly

    A positive consequence of fightback against carbon emissions has been the growth in clean technology. It is set to transform how we live. The CEO of MHI Vestas, Jens Tommerup, discusses the future of offshore wind.

    The growth in clean technology has coincided with another long-term trend – the worldwide rise in urbanisation. Three years ago the United Nations …

  • 07 Nov 2017 / fowind-in-press

    First offshore wind LiDAR commissioned in India

    Renewables Now

    The Facilitating Offshore Wind in India (FOWIND) consortium has commissioned India’s first offshore LiDAR, the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), which leads the consortium, said last week.

    The LiDAR is located off the coast of India’s western state of Gujarat, in the Gulf of Khambhat. It will provide data to help India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy examine the …

  • 06 Nov 2017 / gwec-in-press

    Top wind power producing countries


    With a rapid growth in the renewable energy projects over the past few years, the total installed capacity of the wind power plants across the world has witnessed a manifold increase. Advancements in wind turbines designs have also led a surge in the installed capacity of wind power.

    Many companies have developed wind turbines that can produce power in low wind …

  • 03 Nov 2017 / fowind-in-press

    India’s first LiDAR deployed

    4C Offshore

    The FOWIND Consortium, led by Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), has commissioned India’s first offshore Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) device, off the coast of Gujarat, in the Gulf of Khambhat.

    The data from this offshore LiDAR will support India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s efforts towards exploring the potential of offshore wind along India’s long coastline. The LiDAR …

  • 03 Nov 2017 / fowind-in-press

    L’éolien offshore veut confirmer son potentiel en Inde

    Connaissance des Energies

    En Inde, des mesures de vents vont être effectuées dans les mois qui viennent dans le Golfe de Khambhat (ouest du pays). Elles permettront de préciser le potentiel de l’éolien offshore dans ce pays, déjà engagé dans un grand programme de développement des énergies renouvelables.

    Des mesures pour lancer la filière éolienne offshore

    Le consortium FOWIND (Facilitating Offshore Wind …