9 GW or more offshore wind in Germany by 2023 – new study

Consistent offshore wind development allows for substantial cost reductions

Berlin, 22 August 2013. A new study of Prognos AG and The Fichtner Group arrives at
the conclusion that the cost of electricity from offshore wind power can be reduced by
about one third if offshore wind power is consistently developed over the next ten years.
“The identified cost reduction potentials are based on the assumption that offshore wind
power will be continuously developed and reach a capacity of 9 Gigawatt or more by the
year 2023. This is the way to gain project experience, to promote technological
innovation and to significantly decrease costs,” said Jens Eckhoff, President of the
Foundation OFFSHORE-WINDENERGIE, at today’s presentation of the study in Berlin.
Eckhoff continued: “Offshore wind power has a substantial cost reduction potential.
However, the industry can only exploit this potential if there are reliable framework
conditions to achieve significant market volumes.”

The study was commissioned by the German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation, Stiftung
OFFSHORE-WINDENERGIE, together with associations and companies of the offshore
wind industry.

For more information and for the full study: www.offshore-stiftung.de